This Town (Demo)

by Lujo

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released September 10, 2017

All songs, instruments, vocals, and album art were written, created, performed, recorded, and mixed by Lujo.
Thanks as always to Purun for the guitar.


all rights reserved



Lujo Connecticut

Lujo is a multi-instrumentalist/ composer/ recording artist from Maryland.

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Track Name: Tease Me
you speak dreams in front of crowds
you make all your friends so proud
you fly faster than the rest
you never have to settle for second best

you're always on the top of every list
and in a word you handed me a kiss

oh you know how to freeze me
then you refuse to release me
aaaaahhhhh how you tease me

you open doors that weren't there
you have a question for despair
you can get anyone on your side
we follow in the wake of your stride

you always play the leading part
and in a glance you handed me your heart

oh you know how to freeze me
then you refuse to release me
aaaaahhhhh how you tease me
Track Name: Little Bit
little little little bit
little little little bit
since I was little
I've been walking two blocks to the little store
I buy a little
but you know I'll be back to buy a little more

when we were kids we wandered in to eat
the dumpster always smellin in the heat
the tired sidewalk looked just like a cheetah's back
with bubblegum that long ago had turned black

we stuffed our pockets full of quarters
to buy our dose of ice and sugar
one friend of mine would laugh in fear
as his brother handed condoms to the cashier


the semi trucker played his backup beep
the giant tiptoed in just five more feet
his plastic crates get loaded on a cart
our savior stopping by to restock the mart

a shiny car would come in flyin'
the stereo would cut to quiet
a guy ran in to grab caffeine
and the greasy salty dollar-fifty two-day-old cuisine

Track Name: This Town
why do quarterbacks always say good game?
diplomats with helmets and a hulking frame
they rode their horses all the way to the village
but then refused to plunder & burn & pillage

the flags are whipping against the smoky sky
you yell your yell and then I cry my cry
do I knock down your wall or knock on your door
a handshake could be keeping us out of war

then I hear your voices sing out owhoaaaohohhhh!
and so my choir rings out ooohoohhohhh!
you know the way the song is owhoaaaohohhhh!
a kindred cry responds with ooohoohhohhh!

this town is big enough
for the both of us
we could use a little trust

the steeple on your church is making a face
we don't think you know the meaning of grace
our stomachs aching nervously as we arrive
but worshipers are there with arms open wide


this town is big enough
for the both of us
we could use a little trust

I don't get you
and you don't get me
but I don't get to
let you forget me

and if I forget you
then I have failed too
cuz we can't neglect to
find ways to get through


this town is big enough
for the both of us
we could use a little trust
Track Name: Pick Up A Drum
our truck lumbered down the desert road
shotguns in the back, ready to load
we took turns firing round after round
with earplugs intercepting all the sound

it's like we could touch things a hundred yards away
we laughed with every hit that day

but at the end of the run
I put down the gun and picked up a drum

my drum will extend a welcome hand
don't run in fear come hear the band
it won't shoot bullets down at your feet
the dancing in here is just with the beat

you can still touch things a hundred yards away
just take a stick and start to play

let's not end all the fun
put down the gun and pick up a drum

oohhh freedom
I just want freedom to play my drum
Track Name: Hey Roommate
hey roommate good to meet you
I wonder if I'll ever see you
you seem alright but it's hard to know
we'll have to see how all of this goes

hey roommate here's a house key
the neighbors say to keep it down please
I just met you, and that is fine
you got your space, and I got mine

hey roommate, is it fate
what kind of life will we create
how should we run our little estate
do we start now, or do we wait

hey roommate see this weather
you wanna cook some things together
I have some beers let's sit outside
and drink until we're undignified

hey roommate how did we luck out
the other times I always struck out
you like to tell me about your day
we even talk when you're far away


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